Why Blog?

Why blog? My mother brought this idea to me and I was a bit skeptical at first. However, a calling has been felt lately to somehow share my insight and journey as a soldier for Christ. It has been prayed about and I don’t want to risk missing His answer. God blessed me with the […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 73

After four months of five different chemotherapy treatments and 31 treatments of radiation, TyAnn’s body no longer recovers the same. When they began this aggressive regiment, she was a healthy 13 year old. She is now a sick 14 year old that barely has the strength to open a bottle or climb up a set […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 72

TyAnn is doing well. We are on day four of a five day chemo admission. We seem to be coming down with sore throats so please pray that we will fight this off quickly before TyAnn’s immune system disappears in a few days. Spending a great deal of time at a Children’s Hospital has exposed […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 71

Let me start by wishing you a Happy New Year! I can’t believe it is 2015 already. TyAnn is hanging in there. Her last radiation treatment was Monday. The radiation team made her a sign and gave her a gift card. One of the nurses was aware that she likes wrestling and bought her tickets […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 70

TyAnn is doing well. She is almost done with radiation and, although it is tough, she is doing better than expected. We are three days into her five day chemo round. We are scheduled to be discharged on Christmas Eve. This hospital stay has been nice. They have so much great stuff going on around […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 69

” I smile even though I hurt, see I smile, I know God is working, so I smile, Even though I’ve been here for a while (what you do?) I smile, smile.. It’s so hard to look up when you’ve been down. Sure would hate to see you give up now You look so much […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 68

Yesterday started out as a great, ordinary day. We went to church and then headed back to the Ronald McDonald house for their Annual Christmas Party. By the time we reached the house, she was not feeling well. We hoped that a nap would be enough to allow her to partake in the festivities but […]