Why Blog?Why blog? My mother brought this idea to me and I was a bit skeptical at first. However, a calling has been felt lately to somehow share my insight and journey as a soldier for Christ. It has been prayed about and I don’t want to risk missing His answer.

God blessed me with the gifts of discernment and counsel. He has blessed me with the ability to lead, to write and to encourage. There is also a gift of boldness, which can be used for both good and evil.

I desire with all my heart to use these gifts for His Glory and maybe this Blog will be an avenue in which they can. My goal is to be faithful to write, even if no one reads them in order to answer His call over all else. If He blesses you through this, Praise Him! If He blesses me through this, Praise Him! What truly matters is that He gets the Glory through all of this. I do not want to make you feel good, but make you think and ultimately act.


Her face is being covered with kisses constantly. I mean, how can I not kiss that perfect little face? That smile! Is it gas? I am sure it is but, it warms my heart none-the-less. Lola’s baby, that is what I call her. (Lola is grandma in Filipino.) I worried about her so much when she was first born and honestly, throughout the pregnancy. I don’t worry now because her mom is a great mom. Is she the typical first time mom who doesn’t like people she isn’t very close to holding her baby? Yes. But, I honestly would rather her be over cautious with this fragile angel.

She is healing well and her appointments are leaving us with much optimism. She still has many specialists to see and therapy sessions to come but I know she will do great! I love her to pieces, just as she is! I think about people who don’t want to give a child with Lucy’s diagnosis the opportunity to experience life and love. I mean who are we to make such a decision about another’s life? I can’t imagine thinking she is less than perfect. She is still God’s child. He knew her in the womb and He knows the number of hairs on her head. God may have put her in Talaya’s custody but, Lucy is His, really. Anyway, I digress. Back to my original thought process.
I can’t wait to share more stories about the joys of raising a child as special as Lucy. In the meantime, I would ask that you guys keep them both in prayer. Talaya’s car is broken beyond the price of repair. I have started a GoFundMe fundraiser to help my daughter buy another car so she can get Lucy to all her appointments. If you feel led to give or share the link, I have pasted it below.


Thank you all for following my blog and my families journeys. Until next time, hasta la pasta!