Why Blog?

Why blog? My mother brought this idea to me and I was a bit skeptical at first. However, a calling has been felt lately to somehow share my insight and journey as a soldier for Christ. It has been prayed about and I don’t want to risk missing His answer. God blessed me with the […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 84

So we are four weeks out from TyAnn’s last chemotherapy treatment. We are adjusting to our new “normal” while she is still battling the side effects of her treatments. TyAnn began to have some facial swelling last week which has gotten progressively worse each day. Her doctors cannot agree on what the cause may be […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 83

The results are in and at first they threw me for a loop. The doctor wanted us to wait until next Tuesday to get the report and, although patience is a virtue, I am not feeling particularly virtuous today. “The scans are stable. There has been no change since the scans in October.” My heart […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 82

After another long night of struggling with Ty’s leaking G-tube, I found one of our cats, The Pal (yes, that’s literally his full name), bent over in an awkward position by his cat dish. His body appeared lifeless and so I shook him for confirmation of what I feared. He did not move and, although […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 81

“Why do I have to suffer?” TyAnn cries, while rocking back and forth trying to cope with the unbearable pain. Chemo may have ended two weeks ago, but the affects on the body have not. Seven to ten days after chemotherapy the body has extremely low red blood cells, platelets and the white count can […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 80

I am sitting by TyAnn’s bedside admiring the beauty of the day through her shade drawn window. The shades block out a great deal of light so she can sleep during the day but also allow me a generous view of the cloud covered, dark blue sky. In roughly seven hours, the hospital will discharge […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 79

I was able to catch up on some rest and even enjoyed a massage, thanks to loving friends God has placed in my life. I feel rejuvenated. Not 100% rejuvenated, but more like myself. It may seem a bit odd, but I have found driving alone to be a real downtime for me lately. It […]