Why Blog?

Why blog? My mother brought this idea to me and I was a bit skeptical at first. However, a calling has been felt lately to somehow share my insight and journey as a soldier for Christ. It has been prayed about and I don’t want to risk missing His answer. God blessed me with the […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 69

” I smile even though I hurt, see I smile, I know God is working, so I smile, Even though I’ve been here for a while (what you do?) I smile, smile.. It’s so hard to look up when you’ve been down. Sure would hate to see you give up now You look so much […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 68

Yesterday started out as a great, ordinary day. We went to church and then headed back to the Ronald McDonald house for their Annual Christmas Party. By the time we reached the house, she was not feeling well. We hoped that a nap would be enough to allow her to partake in the festivities but […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 67

Right now we are waiting for TyAnn’s chemo to begin. She has already had radiation today. This chemotherapy will be out patient so we will be back at the Ronald McDonald house tonight. She was able to eat Mac’n’cheese and a tamale yesterday, praise God. Maybe she won’t keep losing weight at the same rate. […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 66

Isn’t there something about the rain tapping on our windows that tells us to stay in bed? I love it. I don’t necessarily love driving in it, but it comes so rarely that I get a bit excited when these days come. I am still in bed as I write this at 9:00 a.m. TyAnn […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 65

Oh God, my great love, my life I try to understand why you are so good to me, but I cannot. How can the God who spoke the Heavens and Earth into existence call my name? Your faithful, undeserved grace towards your children and your enemies, it baffles me, just the same. Lord, with what […]

Life’s Drastic Detour – Entry 64

TyAnn is back in the hospital for chemo and she is doing OK. She is not doing great but she is not doing horribly either. Her mouth hurts so she has not been able to eat. She is nauseous on top of that but she is still in good spirits. We will be here until […]