A bit about me..

Well, I am but a humble servant of the Most High God. I am a wife to a beautiful man of God named Akin. I am a mother to four beautiful daughters, Tasia, Tatiana, Talaya and TyAnn. I mentor and lead many ladies at As You Are Church as well as my workplace. I speak at the Women’s Conferences at my church and I have recently published my first book. Please pray for me and I seek a book agent.

I am one of His saints but I am no saint if you catch my drift. I have known the Lord and considered myself a Christian my entire life. However my walk with God was more of a roller coaster for most of that time. I have been a stripper, adulterer, liar, thief, gossip and anything you can think of. I used my past as a victim to excuse it all.

I am not bragging about my sin, I am bragging about the awesome grace of God! If he could wash me clean, He can purify anyone! I now use these same sins that kept me in bondage all those years as weapons against the enemy. I would love to help you do the same.

Many years ago the issues of child prostitution were brought to my attention through a show called 20/20. My heart was broken and my passion for these children was kindled but it took a while to really figure out what I could possibly do about it. After all, I am just one person right? Wrong, I am a child of the Most High God and through Him all things are possible.

I began hosting awareness parties called P.U.R.E Religion. Religion that God the Father finds acceptable is to take care of the Orphans and Widows in their time of distress. (James 1:27) These parties raise awareness and offer solutions.

I also partnered with World Vision by becoming a Child Ambassador. Since we know that these children are being exploited because of extreme poverty, we have to give generously. God is not merely asking people for their spare change, He asking as us to change the lives of others through whatever means He has blessed us with.


  1. Thank you Becky, now I can get you post every day. 🙂 You have come a long way baby. Remember that saying? Nah you’re too young. LOL!!! Anyway, someone once told me that God allows us pain so that we can us it as a platform for ministry, and you did just that. It is very inspiring when you can do that. 🙂 It helps others to choose to push forward and work on moving past their pain so that they can look beyond themselves. 🙂 Love you!

  2. wow….your testimony empowers me. I am one of yours….. CA World Vision. Much to think about, and I am grateful that his glory shines in you.

  3. Hey Becky, I haven’t seen you in quite awhile, But Cindy and I were together This past weekend, and she read me your blog, I was very impressed. I’m signing up. I wish you the best of everything that God has for you. God is using you in a most awesome and unique way, and has turned your trials and temptations into a testimony. You are truly an inspiration to all of us. Keep on doing it girl! God Bless!

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