Hope on a Rope??


Today during a book study I learned a very interesting fact. The Hebrew word “Tiqvah” translates into “cord”, “line” or “rope”. This same word is used for the word “hope”. Now we know God well enough to know that there are no coincidences in His word. So when Rahab placed the rope or cord outside her window, it represented her hope in God and His people. (If you are not familiar with this story, please read Joshua 2).

So I can imagine hope as an invisible rope from us to God. Can you see it? When we feel shaken or tired, we need to grab onto the rope. God is holding onto the other end of it, holding us up.

The opposite of a rope is a chain. A chain holds onto you; no freedom there. Chains are synonymous with bondage. So which one do you choose? I choose to hold onto the rope/hope that God offers. I was once held by the chains of sin and I praise God for the freedom that only His Son can give. There are times, especially lately, when I focus on the chains, whether the ones from my past or the ones I still see in the lives of those I care about, and just feel overwhelmed. I seem to lose sight of the rope that God is begging me to grab a hold of. Do you ever lose sight of that hope? It is so easy to do but it is there, waiting for us.

May you each find Hope on a Rope this Christmas.

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