For The Love of Lucy- 2

lucy This week has been a roller-coaster of emotions. The surgery went well and Lucy has been recovering. She had to have part of her pancreas removed and her intestines were twisted. A g-tube was also placed in her stomach. They incubated her for the surgery and didn’t remove that tube until  Sunday afternoon, which was pretty painful for her, and painful for us to watch. She seems much more comfortable although they still haven’t removed the draining tube from her stomach. There are two different stomach tubes. The g-tube was the surgical one. It is in case she has problems eating. The other one goes through her mouth into her upper GI to remove air and possible bile. If the g-tube sounds familiar, it is because TyAnn had one during chemo treatment.

Yesterday they said her Blood Count was low, 49,000 to be exact. They were looking for the number to be over 100,000. They had to give her a platelet transfusion. This morning, they said her BC had dropped to 5,000! Talaya was beside herself with worry. Prayer warriors gathered with me at work and prayed for healing and a quick recovery. The hospital wanted a recount and the new number was 127,000. Praise God!

She is now getting an X-ray of her upper GI to see if the surgery in her stomach is healing properly. If all looks well, they will try to bottle feed her for the first time since Friday. Please pray her stomach can digest the food and allow her to pass it. Please also pray for Talaya who feels so helpless as she watches all this.

They won’t be taking visitors now as there is just too much going on, but please know that we are so appreciative of all the love and support.

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