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Baby Lucy After Surgery

Baby Lucy

Saying life is unpredictable, is a gross understatement . When my 21 year old told me she was pregnant, I have to be honest, my heart broke. As a parent, you want what is best for your children. As a grandparent, you want the same for your grandchildren.

I know how hard it is to be a single parent. I also recognize the hardships my daughters endured as a result. I wanted more for my grandchildren. However, a child is always a blessing.

On Tuesday, I got to experience the birth of my second grandchild, Lucille. There is nothing more precious than witnessing a baby take her first breath, hearing her first cry or seeing a mother’s face as she finally gets to connect with the person who was sharing her body for nine months.
Every moment since then has been an emotional tornado. “How so” you ask? Lucy was born with Down Syndrome. What many people don’t realize is that “DS” kids don’t just progress more slowly, but they are usually riddled with health issues.

One of the nurses said to me, “If she’s going to need surgery you should go to Children’s. It is a great hospital with great surgeons.” Little did he know just how familiar we are with that hospital and not just because we practically lived there when TyAnn was battling cancer.

Lucy’s mom was born with a cleft lip and palette. Her first appointment at Children’s was within a week of her birth. She had two surgeries before she turned one. Her last surgery was at 17 years old. Each surgery was absolute torture for me.  You want so badly to take their place, but there’s nothing you can do. Having three (yes, there is another story) children who suffered so much was harder than I can explain with words, but I thought that was all behind us. I mean, we still go there for TyAnn’s scans every three months and even that is still hard. I can’t believe that I would be back there for my granddaughter. But that is where she is right now, in surgery.

They are trying to fix her intestines. Please pray for my daughter and granddaughter. Please also pray for all of us that love them so much. There is a saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Well, I am allergic to lemons so…..

God is still good!


  1. Congratulations! Welcome to the world baby girl! Praying for you guys right now. Jesus, please guide the doctors to find and fix all of Lucy’s health issues. Please lift up and comfort Lucy’s family as they watch her be healed. Thank you for bringing this special little girl into the world and for choosing this mom/family
    to love her and be blessed by her. Amen!

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