A Prayer for My Daughter

How much more, more can we take?

This suffering is surreal and lasting so long
Father please help us, we’re to weak to stay strong
Some ask for joy and some ask for health
Some seek great riches and glory to self
I come before you with my face to the floor
Humbly and broken, Lord she can’t take much more
And what must I do, for your healing hand?
We’ve prayed and we’ve prayed God I just can’t understand

But I know that your ways are much higher than mine
I know that the answer will come in due time
I am pleading before you with all that I am
Please ease her pain as no mere man can
Please give me strong shoulders
And arms which to hold her
Give me wise words and silence as needed
The strength to comfort her in the times she feels cheated
Please tell me her cancer is defeated and gone
Give her time to rest after suffering so long


Pine Valley Poem

You’re reaching out to me
Oh, how I long to reach back.
This guilt I feel is overwhelming
And the strength I lack.

If I could turn back time
To see where I fell
Or had that battle with temptation
That didn’t go so well

Maybe I’d do things differently
I’d like to say
But in reality, things would have gone
The same way.

My flesh is sinful,
My faith is weak.
I’m trapped in the dark,
Though it’s light that I seek…

Although sometimes the light
Feels too overwhelming, too bright.
My eyes can’t adjust so I’ll stay where it’s dim
And the light would bring out all my flaws and my sin.

Whom am I fighting?
From where is this guilt?
My Father’s reaching out to me
But there’s a wall that I’ve built.

It’s made up of sin and deceit
And of lies.
“Father, please help me”
I screamed and I cried.

“I’m right here, my child.
Those words I’ve longed to hear.
I reached out my hand
The moment you fell
But the hand that you chose
Came straight out of hell.

I knew he would hurt you
I knew you would cry
I knew you’d get lost
And then run and hide.

But my hand stayed extended
Waiting for yours.
I kept on the porch light
At heaven’s doors.

And now, my dear child,
I welcome you back home.
For I’ll always love you
No matter how much you roam.”

by: Becky

By Your Wounds

Lost in my pain and the uncertainty that is life but by your wounds, I am healed
They say ignorance is bliss but the lies of this world have now been revealed

The depth of my sins seemed deeper than the depth of my soul and yet
You reached down out of heaven and your wounds made me whole

Without you I am broken and without hope, a leaf flailing aimlessly in the wind
But with you I am healed, I am loved, I am redeemed, there is hope deep within

My words are shallow, from your light I hide and yet for me you pour out your blood?
I’ve been embraced by your Spirit and overwhelmed by your love.

Why God, do you love me with such an unfailing love, how do I fathom such mercy?
This grace is foreign and underserved but I am thankful to be set free.

My desire Lord is to bring you glory; my life is but an offering to you
I long to knell before you with something that you would deem as worthy and true

Search my heart of God and remove all that is not Holy and pure
I am but your temple and for my sins I now have the cure

His name is Jesus and by His wounds I have been set free,
I know Satan is scared, and you know what.. he ought to be….


I am Poetry
Passion crafted into words
But can I re-write life
I want to go back to a simpler time
When i was merely a mom, a wife

I am Poetry
Words can express the depth of suffering
bring darkness to light
I wish truth would shine through
As the moon breaks the blackness of night

I am Poetry
Passion, yes, overwhelming emotions too
thoughts that need to be tamed
I hate fearing the unknown
like an orphan, lost without a name

I am Poetry
Making sense out of nonsense
giving rhyme to my reason
If I could go back…
I miss normalcy, if only for a season

But I am Poetry
It is normalcy that I fear
a conundrum I know
It is through the storms I strengthen
So give me the trials and watch me grow


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