foot of the crossIn The Book of Luke  14:26 “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple. 14:27 And whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.

As Christians we speak about kneeling at the foot of the cross, we even sing a song called “At the foot of the Cross”. What if Americans lost the right to kneel at the cross, to wear a cross, to speak of the cross? How many would be ready to take up the cross daily and follow Jesus as He says in Luke 9:23 and 14:27 that is if it was a literal cross?

From what I have seen these days the average American Christian equates this verse to putting on a cross necklace or some Christian clothing. We are not in danger of persecution from meeting, evangelizing or proclaiming Christ risen. Yet churches are not filled to capacity on Sunday mornings nor are the streets jammed with vehicles going to worship our God. You can’t hear the Lord’s praises ringing through the streets. I think God hears just as many excuses from Christians who can’t get to church once a week as He does worship. Forget about filling up a bible study mid-week that is just asking too much.

But Rebecca, you are not being fair you say? You are right; we only have 7 days or 168 hours in a week. Although if we each sleep eight hours a night, then we only have 112 hours left to worry about life stuff. What day are we supposed to sleep in and have some us time? Some of us even work 7 days a week, even though God specifically told us not to. Then there are the kid’s sports and hobbies. Besides I am sure God didn’t think about how important making money would be to us, or how important our children would be. It is not as if God only had one Son that He sacrificed in the most horrific, brutal and evil way just for us. It is not as if He knew that money would be the root of all evil? It’s not about the money you say, what if each person got $ for walking through the church door? Let’s say a crisp $100.00 was in each bulletin? Can you honestly tell me the church attendance would drastically improve over night?

Look I am as tired as the next person and my life is just as full. I am married with four daughters and I work a full time job. Today is Sunday and as my 11 year old wakes me up before my alarm can crow, I hear my 17 year old getting into the shower. I realize that there is never a Sunday when anyone in my house asks if we are going to church. It is Sunday, the bride of Christ is gathering together. We are going to worship, to grow in knowledge and love as we fellowship. Why on Earth wouldn’t we be there? When Monday morning comes around, do we think about whether or not we feel like going to work? Are the children allowed to miss school for some good old me time? The answer is most likely no, and why is that? Because we don’t play games with our money and we surely are going to play around with our kid’s education. So then why is Church not as important, well I just answered that. It’s just not that important.

I challenge you to journal your week. Start Monday morning and follow through until Sunday night. I want you to journal everything from your thoughts, your conversation, where you go, what you accomplish and make sure to include any prayer or devotional time. Now if you do things differently because of the challenge that is cheating.

This is a self evaluation for your eyes only anyway. I will be back next Sunday to discuss the results.

Feel free to comment or ask any questions. Don’t hold back as I desire honest feedback and anyone who knows me would tell you, I am not afraid of a good debate.